About Golden Orchard Montessori School
Golden Orchard Montessori School
Contact: Virginia Rajakumar
2808 -45,Kingsbridge Garden circle,
Mississauga ,  ON
Canada ,  L5R 3K4

Telephone: 6478301580

Website: http://goms.ca/
Email: gomschild@gmail.com

About Golden Orchard Montessori School

Our classroom is spacious, bright and carefully designed to provide a stimulating learning environment. The activities are attractively displayed on open shelves, with work areas throughout the room and materials available on accessible shelving. Acting as a link between the child and the material, the teacher assists the children as they progress along the learning path from the concrete to the abstract. We provide children with a wide range of meaningful experiences that empower them to explore their world. We help children gradually expand their knowledge and skills as they grow into confident, self-directed students of life.

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